Tuscaloosa Police putting more officers in local schools

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Karnera Gafford

The Tuscaloosa City Council voted unanimously to allow more school resource officers in Tuscaloosa City Schools.

The school system and the Tuscaloosa Police Department have partnered to keep children safer by allowing resource officers in the school building.

All levels of schooling will have officers in them daily.

City leaders had a message for students and parents who may not agree with the solution, saying this change will lessen the chances of people getting hurt in the future.

“I think they need to get on board. I think no one wants to get that phone call or hear across the broadcast there is an active shooter in the building. I honestly believe, I know things can happen at any time anywhere, but having a police officer trained in the schools lessens that possibility,” said Kip Tyner, Tuscaloosa City Council president.

With officers already in schools, the feedback has been positive from the schools involved.

“Not only are the officers on campus to keep everyone safe, but they are also wonderful mentors for the students,” said Tyner.

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