Cyber Unit Tpd

If you’ve ever felt like someone is watching you, Tuscaloosa residents may actually be onto something. But don’t worry – it may be a good thing.

The Cyber Intel Unit is a specialized unit within the Tuscaloosa Police Department that monitors cameras and other technology around the city to combat and prevent crime. The initiative was put in place to deter crime and increase security.

The unit was established back in February. Investigators will use the cameras to monitor traffic, pinpoint accident locations and identify the resources near those accidents. This way dispatched officers can get information from the Cyber Intel Unit in real time rather than after the fact.

Cyber intel director Darren Barnes explains the unit’s goal for the Druid City.

“Making the community safer,” Barnes said. ” A student who comes here to college, or my wife who goes out to dinner with friends. I want to know they are safe. From a criminal perspective, I want them to know that we are watching you.”

Barnes said this department was modeled off of other similar units within agencies around the country.

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