Tuscaloosa Police Department Begins Mental Health Training

Tuscaloosa Police

By WVUA 23 Contributor Harrison Holland

Members of the Tuscaloosa Police Department began training to become certified Mental Health Officers. Once completed, they will be able to train other officers.

TPD became dedicated to mental health training in early 2019, as it benefits both officers and community members in certain situations that arise. This investment comes after a rise in calls involving mental health concerns, a rise that more than doubled from 2019 to 2020. The number of calls involving potential suicide has also risen.

Mental Health Training involves topics of mental health and mood disorders. Aspects of PTSD, anxiety and homelessness are also involved in the course. De-escalating situations conclude the training.

Certified police officers will then be able to serve the department in the capacity of mental health officers. TPD dedicates these resources to better serve and assist the community.

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