Tuscaloosa Police Complete Mental Health Training Course

Tuscaloosa Police03

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Julia Smith

The U.S. is experiencing a mental health care crisis, and law enforcement is on the front lines. It’s no different in Tuscaloosa.

<p>Tuscaloosa Police Department Sgt. Craig Parker said TPD has received so many calls regarding mental illness that it’s not unusual to have five to six calls pending on their screen at a time.</p><p>In hopes of helping those in crisis, TPD had a week-long mental health training course.</p><p>The Huntsville Police Department hosted the training, teaching TPD officers how to know the sins that someone is in crisis followed by scenario-based training.</p><p>TPD Deputy Keith Fair said he thinks a lot of officers have not been able to fully help those in need in the past.</p><p>“They get on the scene, someone is worked up … they don’t know how to handle the situation,” Fair said.</p><p>Fair said that having this training will help those in need to get on a call and be able to calm the situation down, rather than escalate it.</p>

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