Tuscaloosa police chief: 85% of officers are signed up for retention bonus

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley said Tuesday that the city’s new police retention bonuses have been well-received by his officers.

During the Tuscaloosa City Council’s pre-council budget hearing, Blankley said some officers started getting the $10,000 bonus last week, and about 85% of the department has signed onto the program.

The bonus is designed to encourage current TPD officers to stay longer alongside helping get new recruits.

But don’t assume the offer is gonna stick around.

“I am good with closing it as quickly as possible, “said Blankley. “The retention bonuses, the way it was made was, ‘hey, if you are going to stay here you are going to get this.’ I have heard a couple of officers holding off until Oct. 1.” 

The Tuscaloosa City Council has not yet voted on an end date for the bonus program.

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