Tuscaloosa Police arrest 13 over weekend for guns, drugs on Strip

Tuscloosa Strip

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Elise Anzaldua

Tuscaloosa Police were out in force on the Strip just off the University of Alabama campus over Labor Day weekend as part of a crackdown on crime and loitering.

TPD made more than a dozen arrests for charges including drug use to unregistered gun possession. Most of those arrested were not Tuscaloosa residents, police said.

On Saturday, 13 people were arrested on 19 charges, 11 of those drug-related.

Officers also issued citations for alcohol violations, arrested one man who was involved in a bar fight and another who was observed relieving himself on the sidewalk.

Many of the businesses in the area have expressed frustration because of loitering around their businesses, making them inaccessible for paying customers.

Police Chief Brent Blankley said he wants Tuscaloosans to know they’re doing everything they can to keep the Strip and downtown safe for patrons.

“If you’re going to come to Tuscaloosa we want you to go to the bars and have a good time and be safe, but if you’re coming down here to cause problems, stay home. “We don’t want you down here,” he said.

TPD will continue increased patrols at least through the end of month, Blankley said.

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tuscloosa strip
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