Tuscaloosa organic eatery is giving away free meals 

TUSCALOOSA / NORTHPORT – Founded in 2020, Bean Me up Scottie’s mission is to provide organic meal options promoting the enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle while unifying the community through the love of food. 

The eatery makes and serves organic meals. This healthy based food truck is giving away meals on behalf of a foundation the owner created in honor of his mother who unexpectedly passed away in 2018.  

Scottie McBridge, owner of “Bean me up Scottie”, says he’s happy to be out in the community feeding students while keeping his mother’s legacy alive.   

“This is a journey my mom embarked on”, said McBridge. “She started off having a ministry where she engaged with the younger youth, led the youth ministry, and acted as a mentor.” 

McBridge’s mother sowed in him the passion to give back to the community by hard work, sacrifice and prayer. Thus, sparking within him the desire to start something that would not only bring joy to him, but also joy for the community. With this, his concept for an organic food truck was born.  

While McBridge’s purpose is to reach the community through food. He is also partnering with Stillman College’s Academic Success Society to give away scholarships.  

McBridge feels his purpose is to seed into someone’s life. His plan is to provide scholarships to help with the success and graduation of college students in need.  

The “Bean Me up Scottie” food truck is never stationed in one area. McBridge likes to keep his eatery on the move to feed as many communities as possible. Although, you can often find him often in the parking lot of Advance Auto Parts in Northport.  

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