The Inverness community in Tuscaloosa celebrated Easter a little early and according to social distancing standards by having a neighborhood parade on Saturday.

Even the Easter Bunny made an appearance.

“We just wanted to do something to get our neighbors out,” Inverness resident Billy Walker said. “We have this pandemic going on and everybody is having to stay to themselves. We’re just trying to do something just to put a smile on our children’s’ faces and let them sit out and wave and just enjoy the day.”

Although the children in the neighborhood couldn’t participate in an easter egg hunt, they enjoyed seeing the parade.

“We never get to get out of the house and finally to see some different faces out here,” said Gus Kilgore, a neighborhood kid.

The neighborhood’s residents thought that the parade lifted spirits.

“We invited as many people as we could to take part so that we can just go through the neighborhood and make people smile and it’s a beautiful day for it,” Inverness resident Kimberly Beach said.

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