Tuscaloosa NAACP on Tyre Nichols: ‘How many other martyrs do we have to have?’


Friday evening, the Memphis Police Department released body camera and security video documenting the deadly encounter between five former police officers and 29- year-old Tyre Nichols.

Nichols was brutalized and beaten after he was stopped for what police claimed was driving recklessly and pulled out of his car; he died several days later.

Tuscaloosa NAACP President Lisa Young said this is just the latest example of unnecessary police brutality.

“Every time I hear of someone dying at the hands of law enforcement, someone who’s supposed to be peace officers that we are supposed to trust, it makes me very fearful,” said Young.

Like many who were waiting for the video’s release, Young said she couldn’t bear to watch it alone. She needed family by her side to get through the disturbing, but important content. While she was watching, her memory turned to how many times she’s seen this all before.

“I thought about Philando Castile,” Young said. “I thought about so many other people. I’m wondering how many other martyrs do we have to have?”

Young said she supports anyone who wants to protest this act in a peaceful manner.

“I hope people don’t become violent, but I hope they become active,” Young said.

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