Tuscaloosa mother speaks out on her son’s captivity in Russia

It’s been two months since Alex Drueke’s family learned he was missing and presumed captive by Russians.

The Tuscaloosa native was helping Ukrainian soliders fight the Russian invasion.

“All the prayers that we’re getting from all the people from around the world, you don’t realize how encouraging and uplifting just knowing the people are praying,” said Bunny Drueke, Alex’s mother.

The Tuscaloosa native is one of two Alabamians who are missing in Ukraine. Drueke and Andy Win are retired military who volunteered to help train Ukrainian fighters.

Drueke said her family met virtually with Representatives from the State Department Friday.

She says the video released last week is the last video she has seen on her son.

“He was moving easily so, I don’t think that he’d been beaten. He looked healthy and he’s lost a little bit of weight. I expected that but he doesn’t look sickly so, I feel like he’s getting food and water. I feel like he’s doing pretty well,” said Drueke.

The State Department has received four calls from Drueke on June 23rd, June 25th, July 5th, and July 8th, which they characterized as scripted.

Drueke also says the International Committee of the Red Cross is working to get into the Detention Center to check on the two POW’s.

“They will be the ones who able to go in and see if they are being well treated. We’re hoping to have a vitural meeting with them next week” said Drueke.

Alex’s mother is not the only family member missing him.

“Diesel” is Alex’s furry friend.  His mother says the dog can sense something isn’t right.

“I have noticed that Diesel was very depressed. He misses his daddy. There are days that we talk about Alex alot or he hears his name and he gets mopey” said Drueke.

On August 13th, the Drueke family will hold a large dog adoption event at Forest Lake United Methodist Church because of Alex’s love for large dogs.

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