By WVUA 23 Reporter Lacey Beasley

Tuscaloosa City launched a process called “Framework” today, based on a long-term vision for how to improve Tuscaloosa, such as through building new roads and land-use.

Ashley Crites, director of planning, said there are many ways “Framework” will better Tuscaloosa.

“We want to take a comprehensive look at the entire city and provide recommendations for things like land-use, for how people get around the city of Tuscaloosa, for how they experience Tuscaloosa, how they live here, and finally how we get and keep jobs in Tuscaloosa,” said Crites.

The city hosted an open house Wednesday where the community was welcome to leave comments and suggestions for their area.

There were sketches around the room of potential improvements. This helped the citizens better understand how their city might be changing in the future.

Crites also said she is thankful for the community turnout at the event.

“I am very thrilled at the public turnout we’ve had today, but the public participation throughout this entire process has really been fabulous,” said Crites. “You can see that the community really cares.”

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