Tuscaloosa gym holds special training for the Air Force

Air Force Training

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Josie Wahl

Military training is important no matter what branch of the armed services you may belong. Physical and tactical training is a core tenet if you serve in the military. WVUA 23 News caught up with a group of U.S. Air Force members training in Tuscaloosa. Kurtis Taylor, owner and training of Cobra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Tuscaloosa, taught the group a free self defense and awareness class. The recruiters, like Sgt. Devin Stewart, say this type of mental and physical training is needed more than you would think.

“The Air Force is not what everyone thinks,” said Stewart. “We’re not all fighters. We’re not all combat trained, so not having that support system you have to rely on yourself first. So we want to expose them to the public. When you don’t have your team around you, what are we going to do to defend ourselves?”

After the class, the recruiters gave a special award to the owner Kurtis Taylor. In addition to Tuesday’s workout, the Air Force has a seven-week training class for all new recruits.

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