Tuscaloosa gears up for severe weather Thursday

Tuscaloosa is ready to open storm shelters in preparation for some unpredictable and possibly severe weather in the area.

The McDonald Hughes Community Center will open Thursday for residents who may need a safe place to ride out storms.

“(The Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority) communicates with the city of Tuscaloosa in terms of our storm shelter,” said PARA Community Outreach Director Jay Logan. “When the city of Tuscaloosa activates their incident command and their storm shelters around the city, obviously the one at the Hughes Center will be activated. And our staff will be in communication with TPD and the city in terms of making sure it’s open and available to residents.”

Logan said the center will be equipped with tables, chairs and proper staffing for any problems that will arise.

Pets are allowed at the shelter.

District 2 Tuscaloosa City Council Member Howard said the McDonald Hughes Community Center is the second largest storm shelter in the state and the only one in the city of Tuscaloosa that allows pets.

“I don’t want anyone left with the hard decision of if they should take their pets or if they should stay at home with their pets because they can’t take their pets,” said Howard.

Howard said depending on what Tuscaloosa City Schools decides, the Alberta School of Performing Arts will act as a second storm shelter.

Looking for a storm shelter near you? We have a list encompassing West Alabama right here.

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