Tuscaloosa experiences frigid temps

Cold Weather

With temperatures reaching below single digits, Tuscaloosa city leaders strongly encouraged residents to take proactive measures to prevent issues in their home and business.

Mayor Walt Maddox said Tuscaloosa rarely gets this vortex of cold air coming down from the arctic and residents need to be ready.

“We are working with our partners at Tuscaloosa County EMA or partners like TES to ensure that our most vulnerable population has somewhere to go to stay warm. That’s something we have been working the past 48 hours on and I think we have a really good plan in place,” said Maddox.

The weather is also likely to effect home pipes and water mains throughout West Alabama.

“We are also taking a look at our infrastructure, especially smaller water mains. Smaller water pipes can burst at a time like this. Making certain that we have the materials and man power in place to deal with that,” stated Maddox.

Temporary Emergency Services Executive Director Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson said TES is invested in making the necessary preparations for the community.

“We are making sure to put out the word that if you are need of help there are numbers that you can call. You can call our office. You can call 311. You can call the county EMA. And what they will do is direct you to where the warming stations are. The warming stations are activated by the EMA and Compassion Coalition will set them up,” said Thompson-Jackson.

If you someone in need, please call the TPD non emergency line at (205) 349-2121 or the Tuscaloosa County EMA at (205) 349-0150.

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