Story by WVUA 23’s Julia Smith.

Phones were ringing off the hook at the Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe on Friday, not just because so many people were getting flowers for their loved ones, but also because buying a bouquet of flowers helped a good cause.

Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe has been partnering with Art ’n Autism on Valentine’s Day for 11 years.

More than 30 people in the Tuscaloosa community have donated their time to deliver hundreds of flower arrangements all across Tuscaloosa to help raise money for the program.

Restaurants and stores across the community have also helped Arts ’n Autism by selling hearts during the loving holiday.

Arts ‘N Autism’s Event Coordinator Allyson McNeill said this is very much needed for the program.

“It’s hugely impactful for our students and helps us provide scholarships,” Mcneill said.

Arts ’n Autism works with kids from 18 months to adulthood. The program provides singing and dancing and even karate for the kids.

The program also helps young adults attend local colleges in Tuscaloosa by teaching them life skills and helping them to find jobs.

The Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe believes this is a great cause and has been worked all night to make sure the arrangements were ready for delivery.

Florist Employee Sarah Morrison said it is so cool to help out.

“As a florist, we work all night and do all these things to make this happen,” Morrison said.

Last year the shop raised more than $12,000 for Arts ’n Autism and hope they can raise even more this year.

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