Fire Station No. 5

Originally reported by WVUA 23 Cameron Crowe

Tuscaloosa Fire Station No. 5 may be on the move as research suggests it can help respond to more calls and provide a better building for firefighters.

Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith said he wants Fire Station No. 5 to be moved to the site of the former Townsend Automotive Dealership at 3200 Greensboro Ave.

The station is currently being housed at the same location as Fire Station No. 1. Smith said data shows that Station No. 5 can better support Tuscaloosa by moving.

“In our research and data, we pulled data from the Department of Transportation, which shows that the railroad tracks there on Greensboro Avenue are blocked 37 times every 24 hours,” Smith said. “It can be anywhere from 5-10 minutes, with the Amtrak possibly being a little more than that. That data alone in itself signifies and shows that we cannot go south on Greensboro past the train station but only 18-21 hours a day.”

Smith also believes by moving the station they can alleviate the workload for Tuscaloosa’s other fire stations.

“It is going to take the workload off of Station No. 7, which is our busiest station. It is also going to take the workload off of Station No. 1, which is our second-busiest and Station No. 2, which is our third busiest station.

Smith said some of the stations in Tuscaloosa are over 50 years old, and this is just the first step in a five-year plan to improve facilities in Tuscaloosa.

The current asking price for the proposed location is $2.6 million.

Fire Station No. 5

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