Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue getting three new rescue trucks

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tuscaloosa fire rescue
By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jacyn Abbott

Rescue trucks and other resources used by emergency personal are allocated into the Tuscaloosa city’s budget, but this year with the help of grants, Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue was able to do more.

In 2022, the organization expecting to implement three custom rescue trucks that are made special by Frazer Built in Houston, Texas, for Tuscaloosa weather and roadways. After the three new trucks arrive, the Tuscaloosa fire department will have seven rescue trucks; three will be in service and four will remain in reserve.

“The city of Tuscaloosa is being as physically responsible as they can with the tax payer money, with the opportunities we have, the grant money and that type of thing – to make the citizens as safe as possible,” said Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Emergency Medical Services Chris Holloway.

The first truck will be servicing Station No. 4 in Alberta. However, the department is expecting two other trucks to come later in the year, so three new fire rescue trucks will serving the Tuscaloosa area.

“Having something new that you don’t have to work on every day or every other day or every three months… It’s a comfort,” said Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue Station No. 4 Lt. Darrel Harbin. “We make the best of what we have and what we have is a lot better than most fire departments in the country actually.” 

The three rescue trucks are 14-foot four-wheel drive trucks that sit on a Ford F-550 frame. They are box-styled and look similar to many ambulances.

These trucks open the opportunity to be better equipped for the rise in calls that are currently being faced, future surges and any mass emergency.

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