Farmers Market00000000

After being closed for the past two Saturdays, the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market will reopen tomorrow as a curbside pick-up only operation. The farmers market is allowed to operate because it is considered an “essential business” by the state of Alabama. This will continue every Saturday until normal operations can resume.

Here’s all you need to know to participate in the curbside market:

How to order:

Customers will need to communicate directly with vendors in advance to make purchases. Many vendors have deadlines for when orders need to be placed, several of which are on Thursday night. Although it may be too late to order goods for this Saturday, the farmers market will likely continue next weekend. For a list of when vendors require orders to be placed, click here. No purchases can be made on site during pick-up on Saturday.

How to pay:

Each vendor will decide how to collect payment. To find out what type of payment each vendor accepts, contact them directly. Many farmers have established online ordering systems as well.

How to pick-up:

Customers are asked to arrive at the River Market through the 21st Avenue entrance and to drive east toward the market building. A River Market representative will meet the customer once they reach the parking lot adjacent to the building and will ask them what goods they ordered. The customer will then be assigned a parking spot and will go park in that spot. The vendor they ordered from will meet them at the spot and deliver the pre-purchased goods.

A list of vendors can be found here.

For more info about the curbside market, call or text 205-614-2069.

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