A local Tuscaloosa family made it to the top four of the Fund the Nations “Say Yes to Adoption” campaign. The campaign helps take the financial burden off one family as they go through their adoption process.

Families from across the world explained their adoption process in a short video so they could potentially be chosen as one of the top ten finalists to receive funding for their adoption.

The Kinard family wants people to find it in their hearts to buy a shirt from their name, so they can potentially win the campaign to help them with the financial aspect of adopting their four children from Brazil.

Every T-shirt bought is one vote for the family, and the family with the most votes is the one who wins up to $30,000.

Adoption can put stress on a family financially. The Kinards work relentlessly to be able to bring their children home in the easiest way possible.

“I’m fighting tooth and nail,” Kristi Kinard said. “These are my kids, these are my babies. Whatever I can do to eliminate the stress and the burden to just provide the best life for them, I’m willing to bend over backward.”

Whoever wins the campaign will receive the total amount of all the t-shirts purchased, to assist them in the adoption process.

“At the end of the day, we’re bringing home a child in a country, in a situation that’s not beneficial to them, and we’re bringing them to a loving family so they can grow,” Jordan Kinard said.

If you would like to purchase a T-shirt to help bring a child to their forever home, you can do so at www.adoptwithftn.com, the last day of the campaign is Nov. 19. 

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