Flooding Tusc

By WVUA 23 Reporter Kinsley Centers

Monday was a day of flash flood warnings and heavy rain in the area. Residents in the community are preparing for a very wet next three or four days.

Just last week, 13th Street experienced flooding and again on Monday afternoon.

“I actually walked home from the Strip and it was up past my knees and like, we were just trucking through, right past this roundabout, trucking through to try to get to the front door. It was miserable, not fun,” said Maddie Beatly, a resident in a flood-prone area.

She said during the flooding in the area that occurred last week, water seeped through her car. She said residents in the area need to avoid parking on the side of the street during periods of heavy rain like on Monday.

Sam Hughes, a student at the University of Alabama, lives in an area that is prone to flooding when there is heavy rain. She realized how serious the flash flood warning was when she saw rainfall quickly build up on her way to work.

“Thirteenth Street, back there, I saw super, super flooded and then I know that all of these roads back here, especially the ones that kind of have like, hills in them and stuff, right at the bottom can get super deep,” Hughes said.

Some areas like River Bend Road in Moundville are expectant of flooding on days like today, but it is a different story for those who are not. Bobby Hudson, a part of Sealy Realty ground maintenance, said it is not uncommon for drivers to attempt to drive through a flooded road.

“Everybody just be careful and watch out for the next person out there because it’s going to rain and the road is very slippery,” Hudson said.

It is important for drivers to be cautious while driving and if they come across a flooded road to turn around and take an alternate route. Hughes said it is crucial for the community to be aware of the flash flood warnings and to prepare ahead of time.

“I think the big thing is taking it seriously because I know a lot of times, especially during the springtime, Tuscaloosa gets a lot of tornado warning or watches or flash flood warnings and stuff like that and I knew this was coming but I have not taken it seriously as it obviously was,” Hughes said.

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