Personal Storm Shelter

By WVUA 23 Reporter Jordan Johnson

Tuscaloosa, Ala- The Tuscaloosa Emergency Management Agency has a newly revamped website that has a new visual look and new practical functions as well.

One of the most important changes made is that individuals can register personal storm shelters on the website.

Tuscaloosa EMA Deputy Director Dianna Dollar said registering a personal storm shelter is imperative in case of a disaster. For instance, if a family has a small storm shelter in their garage, first responders won’t know it’s there if it’s covered in debris.

“But if you register your storm shelter with EMA, then we will know that information ahead of time and we can direct first responders to make sure they are checking those safe places,” Dollar said.

Uploading shelter information is as simple as going to tuscaloosacountyema.org and visiting the Storm Shelter Self-Registration tab. The form requires a name, address, contact information, type of shelter and GPS coordinates for the shelter. Coordinates can easily be found using a mapping application on a smartphone.

Dollar said personal information will only be seen by first responders in an emergency event.

Registering is not required and will not affect building permits, but Tuscaloosa EMA is hoping anyone who has a personal shelter will register.

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