Tuscaloosa designated HUD Housing Counseling Agency

Tuscaloosa Home Sales Increase

Need help buying a home or finding a home? Tuscaloosa has some new resources that may help.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently designated the city of Tuscaloosa as a HUD Housing Counseling Agency.

A HUD Housing Counseling Agency provides resources to homebuyers, homeowners, low- to moderate-income renters and people experiencing homelessness.

These agencies help improve residents’ financial literacy, expand homeownership opportunities, preserve homeownership and improve access to affordable housing.

The city of Tuscaloosa’s Office of Community and Neighborhood Services has four HUD-certified Housing Counselors who can perform housing counseling services.

“Housing counseling services are highly beneficial to our community,” said Tuscaloosa Office of Community and Neighborhood Services Executive Director LaParry Howell. “I’d like to thank our team members for their hard work to complete the certification process and prepare a successful Housing Counseling Agency application.”

Need assistance? You can contact counseling services by calling 205-248-5080 or emailing housingcounseling@tuscaloosa.com.

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