The Tuscaloosa Police Department last week released crime statistics from January through May.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson addressed the statistics during the Tuscaloosa City Public Safety Committee meeting Tuesday.

There are 5 public safety concerns that are top priority, Anderson said: burglaries, unlawful breaking and entering, auto theft, robberies and homicides.

“So far this year, we’ve seen our biggest increase in crime in the areas of unlawful breaking and entering of vehicles,” Anderson said.

The number of unlawful breaking and entering has gone up 51 percent over the past year. Most commonly stolen? Guns.

The police department said you should never store a gun in your vehicle when you’re not present. Instead, leave it at home or carry it with you.

And don’t forget to lock your doors, Anderson said. Most car break-ins happen because the car owner just didn’t bother locking a door.

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