Tuscaloosa cracking down on overcrowded bars

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The city of Tuscaloosa will soon be coming down hard on bars that exceed their occupancy limits, according to a letter released by the city’s attorney.

Potential steps to thwart overcrowding include shutting down businesses that get too full for at least 24 hours and arresting bar owners, managers or staff responsible for the issue.


The letter is transcribed below:

“September 16, 2022

Dear Owners and Managers:

We all know that fall is a great time in Tuscaloosa and that the arrival of football fans each weekend means an influd of customers to each of your businesses. However, we also want to remind everyone that exceeding your location’s occupancy limits violates City code and puts your patrons in danger. We are only two weeks into this football season, and the Tuscaloosa Police and Fire Departments have already dealt with multiple businesses exceeding their occupancy limits.

The City of Tuscaloosa has determined that, going forward, there will be a zero-tolerance policy for overcrowding. If a business is deemed to have more people than its permitted occupancy limit, the business will be immediately closed for a twenty-four-hour period. The Tuscaloosa Police Department will begin arresting business owners, managers, or staff deemed to be responsible for the overcrowding.

Please make sure your occupancy counts are accurate and remember that your staff members must be included in that count. The City does not want to shut down businesses in our town, but overcrowding poses a serious public safety concen. Please help us keep our City safe.


Scott B. Holmes

City Attorney”

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