The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office met with local women at Romulus United Methodist Church Thursday, speaking out about potential phone scammers.

Especially prevalent during tax season, scammers often pose as the IRS, FBI, a financial institution or a local law enforcement office and suggest residents should send them money. They reach out by texts, emails and phone calls.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Deputy Jessica McDaniel said phone calls are often not what they seem.

“We’ll never reach out over the phone and ask for any kind of funds,” McDaniel said. “We just don’t do that. If the IRS, the FBI or anybody of that nature is reaching out and you’re unsure, then you definitely need to check and make sure.”

The easiest way to ensure you’re speaking with a legitimate person and not a scammer is searching out the official phone number of the business and calling directly.

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