Tuscaloosa County Schools

The Tuscaloosa County School System is on track to approve a $189.3 million budget, an increase of nearly $4.7 million over last year.

Chief Financial Officer Danny Higdon said the system is in the best financial shape it’s been for awhile. Salaries and benefits make up 69 percent of the budget, or about $130.3 million.

The Foundation Program, a statewide funding source for many public schools, is giving the system $102.1 million, compared with $97 million last year.

“This is the best budget we’ve had since 2008, back prior to proration,” Higdon said. “It brought back some things. We’re not all the way there yet, but we are a lot closer than we were in pervious years.”

Higdon said the system expects to add nearly $4 million to their reserve account this year, bringing its total to nearly $23 million.

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