Tuscaloosa County Schools

By WVUA 23 Web Reporter Dani Witt

The Tuscaloosa County School Board is trying to figure out how to replace a member on short notice.

Vice President and District 5 representative Mark Nelson is officially resigning today to start his new position as Tuscaloosa County Commissioner by March 31.

The deadline to put a Republican candidate on Tuesday’s ballot has passed, but School Board President, Gary Mims, is hopeful for the upcoming candidates and selection process.

“If they didn’t care about children and the future of the school system, they wouldn’t even be interested in applying. So, we know we are going to have a good pool of candidates. What I look and for-see, it’s going to be hard for us to select who to fill Mr. Nelson’s shoes,” Mims said.

The application deadline is March 14. The application process will be available today. For more information, contact the Tuscaloosa County School System at 205-758-0411.

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