Tuscaloosa County residents voting on potential property tax increase next month

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Tuscaloosa County residents are heading to the polls in February to decide whether or not to increase their property taxes.

In November, the Tuscaloosa County Commission agreed to put the increase up to a vote after they were asked by the Tuscaloosa County School System. If passed by voters, the increase would be 8 mills.

As a refresher, the Alabama Department of Revenue defines a mill as one-tenth of 1 cent. That means 10 mills is a penny and 1,000 mills is $1.

If you’re interested in figuring out the math on how much that change affects you, you can check out how to do that right here.

If you’re curious about how much your millage rate is at the moment, you can find the 2022 numbers right here.

The 8-mill increase would go toward the Tuscaloosa County School System, and TCSS Superintendent Keri Johnson said those funds will help pay for renovations, staff and school safety measures.

The election is happening Feb. 14.

Residents living in the city of Tuscaloosa are not affected by this proposed measure.

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