Multiple Tuscaloosa County Law Enforcement Agencies are searching for at least one brazen burglar who broke into multiple local businesses over the weekend.

Just a few businesses hit smash and grab style Sunday night include Cottondale businesses: The Pottery Grill,  Oasis Bar and Grill and Dunn’s Wholesale Used Cars.

Fortunately the suspects didn’t get away with much from the businesses… a small amount of money, some orange juice and a laptop. Pottery Grill co-owner Tim Foster told WVUA 23 Reporter Chelsea Barton it’s not really about the things taken.

“People come in here every week asking for food and I give it to them,” Foster told WVUA 23. “That really ticks be off when you give and give and they break in and take your stuff. It’s just really aggravating,” he said.

Police don’t know if it was the same bandit(s), but at least one Brookwood business was hit up as well, La Casa Crimson.

The suspect was caught on camera at La Casa Crimson. Thankfully the alarm spooked the guy before he could nab anything. The local businesses impacted want these bad guys off the streets so this won’t happen to any more hard working people like them.

“Everybody works hard to keep up everything,” La Casa Crimson Hostess Lacey Martin told WVUA 23.

Foster agreed, saying “This is like home for all of us that work here. It’s part of us. When somebody comes in on you, it just really makes you mad.”

No arrests have been made in any of these break-in cases. If you have any information that could assist police, please contact Crime Stoppers at (205) 752 -STOP.


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