It’s that time of year where many are cleaning out their attics, garages, closets, and backyards, and Tuscaloosa County want to help make this spring cleaning easier for all its residents. April 14, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., 11 dumpsters will be set up in various locations for people to drop of larger household items they wish to get rid of, like furniture, mattresses, broken bikes, or even old lawnmowers.

Jim Patrie, the head of The Solid Waste Department for Tuscaloosa County, said many people in the community have taken advantage of this service in the past, and he encourages people to this year, especially since it’s free.

“This is a well-received thing that we do each year,” said Patrie. “What they can do is clean their attic out or if they have got some old furniture that they want to get rid of, or a swing set. Anything they’ve got there.”

Patrie said there are some prohibited items people will not be able to throw away there.

“We don’t take medical waste, or we don’t take construction debris,” said Patrie. “We want to keep it all for the people to, you know, clean up around the house.”

He also said there will be security at each drop-off site, who will also be able to assist anyone having trouble getting larger items into the containers.

<p><strong>Collection Container Locations:</strong></p><p>District 1:</p><ul><li>-Camp Coker</li><li>-Camp Samantha</li><li>-Yellow Creek VFD</li></ul><p>District 2:</p><ul><li>-Hwy. 216/Woodland Lake Rd.</li><li>-Hwy. 216/Keenes Mill Rd.</li><li>-Holt Elementary</li></ul><div></div><p>District 3:</p><div></div><div></div><ul><li>-N. Rosser Rd./Old Greensboro Rd.</li><li>-Hargrove Rd. E/Oakview Lane</li><li>-Duncanville VFD by Maxwell Elementary School</li></ul><div></div><p>District 4:</p><div></div><ul><li>-Foster’s Grocery Store Parking Lot</li><li>-Hwy. 140/Sipsey Valley Rd.</li></ul>


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