2016 got off to a rough start here in Tuscaloosa County.
John Tyler Burroughs, Harlee Joseph Watson, Markees Antwon Lee and Daniel Terry all murdered within five days of each other during the first two weeks of the year.
In 2015, the unit investigated only 15 homicides. 2016 brought a 33 percent increase with a common denominator, drugs.

Murders stemming from domestic violence were down this year compared to last.
Dazray Nevels is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death, Victor Prentice started a seven hour standoff after allegedly shooting his wife and grandson, and just last week on Christmas morning Tyrone Vanhorn shot and killed his wife in front of their young daughter before turning the gun on himself.

Two men are facing charges for taking the lives of their brothers in 2016.
Michael Nichols for the murder of his brother Travis Nichols.
and Zhamelle Ware for the murder of his brother Zhalil Ware .
Only one of the 2016 homicide cases falls under manslaughter.
It happened when Anthony wells ran a red light, causing the crash that killed his passenger Cleophus Henderson Jr. on august 6th.

Two missing persons cases ended in tragedy.
First the search for Morris Watson who’s body was found in a concrete dump site off of Calhoun Road in McCalla.
Then again when Jennette Brannon was found dead near her accused killer’s home earlier this month.

When it comes to difficulty, one case stands out the captain Gary Hood.

“The Terry Dawson case at Boardwalk Apartments was the most difficult, Hood said, because we started with very little leads and little to no information on that case.

While all cases are difficult, Hood says one thing that stays steady, the dedication and hard work put in by the Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit.

“They work hard, long hours until we do find a resolution for the families of the victims in these cases.”

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