A not so friendly rivalry may have been the culprit of vandalism at Tuscaloosa County High School Thursday night.

It’s no secret that the County High and Northridge High School rivalry is a big one. But authorities say some Northridge students could have taken it too far.
It’s a home game for the wildcats this week against their jaguar visitors.

Sergeant Alex Miles tells us the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to County High Thursday night around 10:00 after the assistant principal discovered obscenities painted on sidewalks and outside walls.
The assistant principal told investigators that when he arrived, a group of students parked in the school parking lot took off.

“Unfortunately, kids look at things and we think, ‘Hey this is my rival high school. Lets go roll the school and spray paint some stuff on there.’ Unfortunately for them, what they don’t realize is that there are actually criminal charges that go along with that. While it may be done in good fun, at the same time there are some serious repercussions that take place,” said Miles.

Miles says no one has been taken into custody at this time.
If you know who is responsible for the vandalism, call the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at (205)752-0616 .


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