Leavelle Farm in Tuscaloosa County offers guests a unique opportunity: picking blueberries. And the current crop is bountiful, Sally Leavelle said.

“These blueberries are the best we have seen in a quarter century. They’re the biggest and tastiest I’ve seen  quite some time,” she said.

When the WVUA 23 crew arrived on the property, Leavelle offered anchor Lynn Brooks some simple advice:

“Stick with blue.”

Dark blue berries are the sweetest, and Leavelle said this year’s weather offered the perfect combination of rain and warmth.

Our crew spent the entire day among the blueberry patch, and came away with an entire gallon. The farm offers several recipes for visitors wanting ideas. But Leavelle said she prefers keeping it simple.

“I like them just the way they are,” she said.

Blueberries cost $7 per gallon, and $4 dollars per half-gallon.  The farm allows visitors Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 7 a.m. until dark.

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