During this time of the year, the South’s weather can at best be described as unpredictable.

Sunday was no different, with tornado and flash flood warnings across much of Alabama throughout the afternoon and evening.

In Tuscaloosa County, Lake Nicol Road and Holt Lake were hit by a tornado.

Resident Grant McCabe said he’s no stranger to tornadoes, especially not after April 27, 2011.

“I had a total loss in 2011, so any time storms come through I’m a little on edge,” he said. “When you’ve witnessed it first hand you’re a little bit more on edge than someone who hasn’t witnessed it. Luckily, we didn’t have damage to the house.”

While his house wasn’t damaged, McCabe said several trees around his property fell.

“I really feel for those around the neighborhood who had damage to their homes,” he said. “But fortunately everyone in the area was safe.”

Harbor Ridge resident Kana Thompston said one she heard the sirens Sunday, she knew she had to get in her safe place.

“We were in our basement, and we could hear the winds coming through,” she said. “I was the last one to make it into the basement, and we had a couple of trees fall in the backyard.”

No injuries were reported in the wake of the tornado, and residents and cleanup crews spent Monday working on getting the Northriver, Lake Tuscaloosa and Windward Avenue communities back in order after broken limbs covered roads and driveways.

Most residents in those areas were without power through most of Monday, and many leaned on friends and family for help.

Even though her power was out, Thompson said she had friends sending her videos of where the tornado hit and the damage it caused.

McCabe said his future plans are simple: he’s spending the next few days cleaning up and helping the neighborhood get back to normal.

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