Tuscaloosa County Commission roundup: Jail services, volunteer fire departments funded

The Tuscaloosa County Commission is ensuring inmates at the Tuscaloosa County Jail have better access to psychiatric care.

On Wednesday, the commission approved a contract with Capstone Health Services to provide services at the jail.

In addition, the commission approved funding for several volunteer fire departments so they can purchase new, much-needed equipment.

Departments getting funding include Englewood Hulls, Duncanville and Hagler volunteer fire departments, and they’ll be using the money to purchase thermal cameras and gas monitors.

“Each department got roughly $5,600 for each district,” said District 3 Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Mark Nelson. “Also there was an additional $17,000 to Englewood Hulls. They had asked for a grant for some additional equipment and these were matching funds for that. When it’s all said and done, we had about $20,000 well spent for our volunteer fire departments.”


Also during Wednesday morning’s meeting commissioners recognized students particiating in technical programs for Career Technical and Education Month.

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