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Tuscaloosa County Commissioners had a busy meeting Wednesday morning, making progress on several big money items to improve the area’s infrastructure.

Water Service for Evanstown Road

Citizens in the northern part of the county may finally see some progress in getting water service. Commissioners approved using grant money to explore the cost of bringing water service along Evanstown Road just off Highway 69. Service has been needed in this area for some time and today’s approval is another step in getting service to the area.

Jerusalem Heights Upgrade

The immediate area surrounding one of the most popular barbecue restaurants is going to see some improvements.

County Commissioners approved funding to continue a move toward improving roads and sidewalks in the Jerusalem Heights area. Commissioner Reginald Murray said that this in an important area and deserves the upgrades that are coming.

“So we want to do some things in Jerusalem Heights that’s going to transform the community and keep the businesses like Dreamland in that area, the original Dreamland and the churches that’s building in that area, modernize the community so it can last for another hundred years,” Murray said.

New Highway 11 Sidewalk 

County Commissioners also reached an agreement on the acquisition of property along Highway 11 so that a major sidewalk project can proceed. The project will be completed in two phases.

First, sidewalks will be built from the Alabama One Credit Union to Wesley Estates. The second phase of the project will see sidewalks installed from Wesley Estates to Joe Mallisham Parkway.

Work on the projects are expected to begin by July or August this summer.

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