Tuscaloosa County Races00000000

tuscaloosa county commission

The Tuscaloosa County Commission called an emergency meeting Monday to update residents on steps they’re taking now that there are several confirmed coronavirus cases in Tuscaloosa County.

The County Commission said they want residents to know all the services the county provides will not be hampered by the virus.

That being said, the means of those services may change, so if residents have any questions they should call the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse at 205-349-3870.

The county also voted to give immediate assistance to the 21 volunteer fire departments around the county by giving them their yearly checks early, along with a $2,000 supplement to help cover the cost of fighting the coronavirus.

“We do an annual allocation to the fire departments that’s usually done in the summer,” said Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge Rob Robertson. We are going to go ahead and do it immediately so they have some additional resources.”

In an effort to keep people safe at home and not waiting in lines, the county commission also waived the $2 license commission mail-in fee.

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