Tuscaloosa Commissioners discuss pay disparities among county workers

Tuscaloosa County Commission

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

A Tuscaloosa County Commissioner is looking at upgrading the county’s hiring practices to ensure minorities are equally represented among the employment ranks.

“This is a very deep problem that we have in Tuscaloosa County,” said District 4 Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Reginald Murray. “It’s one that the county needs to resolve within itself.”

Local Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Rev. James Williams addressed the commissioners about the concerns last week.

“The issue this morning concerning equal opportunity and equal hire and equal pay,” said Williams. “There are people in office with the higher paying jobs and there are people working with the lower paying jobs. The higher paying jobs are those whom have the race of the white race. The lower paying job is the race of the Black race. So, we ask for equal opportunity as people retire, people die or they just quit the job. Hire the other race of people in those positions.”

Murray said there is a large disparity between Tuscaloosa County’s racial makeup and the makeup of employees working for the county, especially when it comes to management positions.

“I think we have an over $2.4 million disparity between the earnings of Black employees compared to white employees in Tuscaloosa County,” said Murray. “Those gaps have to close. I think that working together we can do that.”

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