Monday was the first day back to class for Tuscaloosa City Schools students in their new classrooms: their homes.

TCS superintendent Mike Daria said things are off to a good start. He added that about half of the students were engaged, and teachers did a great job preparing for the transition.

Daria said there are still a few things to work on, like technology glitches and communication with parents, but it’s working well otherwise.

“We had some parents who called and said they weren’t able to log in to the Google Hangout because of either a password, the wrong email address, so just a matter of walking some of our parents through those technical glitches but for the large part we did have a lot of engagement,” Daria said. “Of course, we want to build that and we want to keep encouraging our families to make sure they are connecting with their school.”

If parents have reached out for help but have not heard from their school, they are urged to contact the school. Daria said the system will continue the feeding program for students. The system also has Chromebooks and wifi devices for families that need them.

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