Tuscaloosa City Schools, Shelton State expanding dual enrollment scholarships

Tuscaloosa City Schools 3

Tuscaloosa City Schools students can get a little extra help paying for college if they participate in dual enrollment and attend Shelton State Community College after graduation.

TCS and Shelton State announced the program last week, which is happening thanks to funding from the city of Tuscaloosa’s Elevate Scholarship.

Currently, TCS students who are participating in dual enrollment can get up to 9 credit hours at Shelton State, the University of Alabama or Stillman College while they’re in high school.

Now, students who attend SSCC as part of dual enrollment and then enroll there after high school graduation can get an additional 9 credit hours without tuition costs.

“That is up to 18 hours at no cost, just by being a student in the Tuscaloosa City Schools,” said TCS Superintendent Mike Daria in a statement. “This is access at its best. College is not cheap. And when we provide our students with up to 18 hours, we are changing outcomes and changing lives for our students.”

Nearly 200 TCS students are attending Shelton State through dual enrollment scholarships.

“The summer or fall after they graduate high school, these students can take those 9 credit hours with us, free of charge,” said SSCC President Chris Cox. “I will say, where we lose students is if they take a break after they graduate high school, and this is an encouraging tool for them not to take that break—for them to continue, which will help our economy and help our workforce.”

Read more about the announcement right here.

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