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By WVUA 23 Reporter Kinsley Centers

Tuscaloosa City Schools are five days away from spring break and are taking the spread of the coronavirus seriously. TCS is implementing the guidance from the Alabama Department of Public Health to keep everyone within the school system safe.

Students and parents at TCS received an email regarding spring break travel precautions. If students or employees plan to travel abroad during spring break they need to notify their principal.

Any student or employee who travels to a “level three” coronavirus infected country must be excluded from school for 14 days upon returning. The individual needs to notify their principal as they self-monitor after leaving the affected area.

“We want to make sure that we don’t contribute to any spread certainly and certainly that can happen if we have somebody coming back from a place that’s identified as tier three,” said Tuscaloosa County Schools Superintendent Mike Daria. “So the safety of our students and our staff, that’s our priority and just making sure that we’re there to support our students and our staff as they look at travel arrangements and coming back to school.”

Those who travel to a “level two” coronavirus infected country will not be restricted from returning to schools as long as they are not showing sick-like symptoms. However, they should limit interaction with others during this time.

Daria said they strive to keep everyone in their schools safe.

“With safety being our priority, we want to make sure that that student and all the other students in the school are safe,” Daria said. “So what we’ll do if we have a student that does travel to a tier-three and comes back and self-monitors for the 14-days, we’ll work with the student and the family to identify ways that we can continue the educational support during that time period.”


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