Tuscaloosa City Schools gifted a piece of history

By WVUA23 Student Reporter Chaney Scott

Tuscaloosa City Schools has a link to the past at its fingertips thanks to a recent gift: A 1938 Black Warrior yearbook from Tuscaloosa High School.

TCS Digital Communications Specialist Dave Crutchfield said that while styles may change, people’s behavior never will.

“Sometimes history repeats itself, whether through fashion or music or whatever. People will continue to grow, move on and get older,” said Crutchfield.

Encased in this yearbook are handwritten farewells including this one: “Remember me early, remember me late, remember I am an old schoolmate.”

At the time, THS had only white students. Black students in Tuscaloosa went to Druid High School.

The first official yearbook in American history is from 1806 at Yale University. High schools around the country caught onto the trend in the late 1800s.

Tuscaloosa City School’s central office archives are open to anyone interested in getting a glimpse of local high school history. The oldest yearbook TCS has on display is from 1920.

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