Tuscaloosa City Schools Debates Moving to In-Person Instruction

Tcss Back To School

<p>By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Anne Houtz</p>

On Tuesday,  the Tuscaloosa City Schools board discussed the possibility of bringing all students back to face-to-face learning sooner than anticipated. The original plan was to hold all classes virtually the first nine weeks of the semester, and eventually shift to in-person instruction.

There have been various reactions to this new possibility. Will Hawkins, a TCS parent, spoke out in favor of fully reopening.

“It’s time to open the schools,” Hawkins said. “Multiple studies have shown that children are not high risk and are even lower risk for spreading COVID-19. The school system has accommodated the children who do not wish to open the classroom; where is the accommodation for the students who want to be in the classroom?”

But other parents say it’s much too soon for students returning.

“You can look right up the street at the Tuscaloosa County School System and look at the numbers they have from going back into school,” said parent Paul Rollins.” That should let us know right there it’s not the best time to go. We’re going back into flu season and that’s going to add to it. “

The board will take into consideration all points of view and and make a final decision on the matter next Tuesday.

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