Tuscaloosa City Schools

School may have just started, but Tuscaloosa City Schools is already getting ready for next year.

Their focus at Tuesday’s Tuscaloosa City Schools Board meeting was getting an early look at where the system’s $134 million budget for the 2020-21 will be going. The goal is making a big push toward project-based learning, Tuscaloosa City Schools Chief Financial Officer Edward LaVigne said.

Project-based learning encourages students using their hands and their brains.

LaVigne said the goal of Tuesday’s meeting was getting everyone on the same page before deciding what money goes where.

“The idea is to make sure they understand where the big rocks are,” Lagine said. “How are we going to spend $134 million — $133.8 million as it stands today? Where are those funds distributed? What do they buy? What personnel do they buy, and what services do they offer the district’s children?”

The TCS is going over the proposed budget at least once more before the board votes on it at their Sept. 10 meeting.

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