The Tuscaloosa City Schools Board Of Education approved a $233 Million Budget for 2018.

This Budget funds System’s Strategic Plan.

It includes a large facilities piece and a change in facilities, whether it’s a new school or renovated school.

It also includes teaching and learning, with a focus on Literacy, Reading and Programs Of Enhancement.

District 5 Tuscaloosa City Schools Board Member Erica Grant was the only Board Member to vote no.

She says Teachers are a major part of the system and they need more than just a 1% raise.

“I was by myself, if we had of shot it down, he probably could go back over it again to see what we can squeeze in or really I just don’t feel like its squeezing anything in” says Grant.

“We all agree that we want to do more and we will through the course of time but, its all budget dependent and when I say a balance approach to the Strategic Plan implemented in the Budget, its doing all of those things our Strategic Plan calls for” says Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Daria.

The Board also approved a $1,000 Incentive to attract new bus drivers.

Currently, there are four vacancies.

The system will also will pay for the CDL.

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