Virtual schooling begins today across Alabama.

For Tuscaloosa City Schools students, that means online learning.

“Our teachers have a very explicit manner for grading, and really the way to look at it is that their grades should only go up and not down as long as our students are engaging and participating,” said TCS Superintendent Mike Daria. “It is not to hurt them and their grades.”

Students within the school system who don’t own a laptop can check one out, but they are limited to one per family. Parents who need to check out a laptop for their children can contact their child’s school for more information.

The main goal is keeping students in touch with their teachers and ensuring their learning isn’t hindered by the extended break, Daria said.

Some tips to ensure students continue their learning include:

  • Limit distractions
  • Make a space for learning
  • Maintain breaks for snacks and recess
  • Let children interact with friends via video chats or text messaging
  • Mix screen time with old-school learning mediums like books and projects
  • Parents should keep in touch with other parents
  • Keep students on a schedule
  • Don’t let children treat this as a vacation
  • Remember to schedule time for fun
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