By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Priscilla Estrada

Giving parents a choice when it comes to where their children go to school is not an easy task.

To that end, Tuscaloosa City School’s school choice draft was presented to board members back on April 7, and Tuesday evening’s school board meeting was the first chance for residents to hear the pros and cons.

The proposed plan allows parents to focus on instructional programs, school buildings and school employees when they make their school decisions, instead of being forced into a school because they live in a certain district.

One hot topic for parents? Keeping siblings together. According to the proposed changes, if a parent has a child in a school through this policy and they have another child in the proper age rage, both children could attend the same school. It’s all about giving parents that choice.

Assistant Superintendent for General Administration Mike Daria said parents’ questions are encouraged.

“The things we’re getting are questions about moving students now, about school choice in the future and about what it is and what it isn’t because there are differences in what school choice can be for different school districts,” he said. “We want to know what the public thinks about this policy and if there are things we need to consider we want to bring that into the policy consideration.”

The policy would take effect for the 2018-19 school year. A copy of the draft is available here, and the board is requesting online feedback here. If you’d like to submit your feedback in person, you can request a feedback form at any school’s office.

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