Tuscaloosa City School Board jumpstarts apprenticeship program

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Karnera Gafford

The Tuscaloosa City Schools jumpstarted a partnership between students and the Tuscaloosa area workforce. The board approved the apprenticeship program, which allows high school seniors to get connectTcs00000000ed with trades in the area to start their future before they graduate.

“It’s our job as K-12 education to make sure our kids are highly successful not while they are in school only, but when they leave us, when they graduate. And secondly, it’s our job to help fill these high demand, high need careers in our region, particularly in Tuscaloosa. And this partnership, this apprenticeship gets us there,” said Dr. Mike Daria, superintendent of Tuscaloosa City School System.

The new program will allow students to have the possibility of future employment and will run from January to May.


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