After months of traffic concerns in the cedar crest neighborhood, city leaders and the community came together to find ways to solve some of those problems. District 4 City Councilman Matt Calderone says after temporarily closing 4th Avenue East, he realized it’s no longer an option. Tuesday, the City of Tuscaloosa held it’s public input meeting about the traffic problems in the Cedar Crest Neighborhood.
Last week, the city reopened 4th Avenue East after shutting it down for 90 days.
Residents were able to hear several options to ease traffic problems in the area.
The council approved the mayor’s request to appoint him to the E 911 board.
Last week, the mayor said, in the coming months, there will be some major decisions regarding medical dispatch. He says there will also be decisions about the new $15,000,000 facility.
It’s expected to generate about 2 million dollars a year.

It looks like the Bama Belle is getting new life again. The council tabled the issue requiring the boat be moved by December 1,2015. They say they want to give the owner time to get the boat fully functional.
It’s expected to be complete by the spring. The Unity Tuscaloosa Mismatched Ball is this Thursday.
The event is to build unity among people in the community. People must wear their most mismatched ensembles. It will be held at the Tuscaloosa River Market. It is a free event.

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