Bar Expans

downtown tuscaloosa

The Tuscaloosa City Council has approved new bar ordinances in order to expand the downtown entertainment area.

City leaders are looking to re-evaluate the entertainment district. Until yesterday, bars were prohibited on Greensboro Avenue and University Boulevard. Council members voted on Feb. 5 to allow one bar per block.

Now, the committee says there are approximately six to eight different blocks that will be used to expand the downtown area. District 4 Councilman Matt Calderone said this project stemmed from the clustering of Temerson Square.

“Downtown there are some dead zones,” Calderone said. “We’ve seen some effective use of spacing of late night activity in many cities to help activate areas and bring more pedestrians there. In all we think this is just going to activate more portions of downtown.”

He hopes this will make a better nightlife for citizens and visitors. The council has reviewed bars for spacing and are looking to begin the process soon.

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